Join The Polly Foam Distributor Membership

Polly Foam is dedicated to providing comfortable, long-lasting mattresses for every family and institution nationwide. Join us in making that dream a reality.

    Requirements Needed to Become a Distributor

    Our distributors play a crucial role in introducing new customers to the Polly Foam brand. While making a handsome profit in the process. If you’d like to join our group of distributors and create an extra source of income for yourself then here are the three basic requirements that you must fulfil, in order to qualify as a Polly Foam Distributor.

    Purchasing Power

    Every Polly Foam distributor needs to be able to purchase a minimum of two truckloads of mattresses, which is equivalent to 5 million Naira per truck.

    This ensures that you are able to meet our monthly quota, and qualify for bonuses.



    You need to own a shop in a safe and secure location, to ensure the security of your goods.

    We also recommend that your shop is located in a populated area, to increase your chances of making more sales.

    If you live in a location where we don’t already have an existing distributor then that’s a bonus advantage.


    Each distributor is expected to meet a minimum quota of 10 million Naira, by the end of every quarter (3 months).

    And you would be expected to meet this quota before the end of our quarterly review.

    There’s no issue if you can’t. But if you do, you’d be entitled to a discount of 5% off on your next purchase.

    Membership Has Its Perks

    Quality Goods

    You gain access to some of our finest quality products available in the market and sell them at a retail price.

    You can order your supply of Polly Foam products and feel confident that your customers are receiving the highest quality of polyurethane foam products available in the market.


    This is one of our primary virtues. When you’ve been in business for as long as we have, you learn to cherish partnerships. We hold our partners in the highest esteem and stay true to them.

    This is why we ensure that we treat you as our top priority. And offer you the finest products that we have to offer, as well as, quick and immediate customer service.

    You never have to worry about being neglected or cheated in any way whatsoever.

    Profits & Bonuses

    You are entitled to 100% of all profits that you make from selling Polly Foam products. The company is not entitled to any profit that you make from your sales.

    At the end of every quarter (3 months) we would calculate your turnover and give you a discount of 5%, in the form of extra Polly Foam goods. This 5% would be deducted from your purchase for the next quarter. Which allows you to enjoy more profits

    If you have any questions concerning our distributor membership, please leave a message below and we would get back to you as soon as possible.